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Awaraye Siripa Wandanawa


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Sound Management and Public Address System

Course Content

1.     Basic electronic components: -     

1.1 Theory of basic electronic components
1.2 Identification of basic electronic components
1.3 Measurement of basic electronic components  

2.     Digital Audio:-

2.1 Analogue signal
2.2 Digital signal
2.3 Number system
2.4 Logic gates
2.5 Analogue to digital convention
2.6 Sampling
2.7 Quantization
2.8 Bit rates 

3.     Sound theory (Acoustic) 

4.     Microphone  

4.1 Types        
4.2 Characteristics         
4.3 Handling and placement     

5. Mixers         Analogue & Digital Mixer introduction      

6. Recording Techniques

6.1 Vocals

  • Microphone selection
  • Microphone positioning
  • Acoustic screens and vocal booths
6.2 Drums
  • Drum set up for recording
  • Microphone selection for drums and cymbals
  • Single microphone
  • Twin microphone technique for basic stereo

6.3 Microphone selection and positioning for Acoustic guitar .Electric guitar, Piano,

6.4 String instruments, Wind instruments,

6.5 Percussion instruments , Small groups and ensembles, Orchestral recording

6.6 Multitrack recording

6.7 Monitoring

6.8 Production techniques for vocalists and instrumental players

7. Power supplies

8. Identification of cable types and connectors 

9. Studio Construction and Acoustic Treatment   

9.1 Studio sound

9.2 Equipment placement, noise, distortion          
9.3 Acoustic measurement         
9.4 How to build a studio on the budget     

10. Equalization


  • Compression parameters
  • Ratio
  • Threshold
  • Attack
  • Release
  • Knee.

10.2 Effects

  • Delay
  • Reverberation
  • Phasing
  • Flanging

10.3 Mixing

  • Analog mixing consoles
  • Channels
  • Groups and sub-groups
  • Master section
  • VCA faders
  • Monitoring
  • Foldback
  • Communications
  • Multitract / live to stereo mixing

11. Mastering

11.1 The need for mastering
11.2 Correction of faults

12. Public addressing system 

12.1 Open air PA system

  • Basic amplifier systems
  • Covering area and calculation the power

i. Close area (Needed power to cover required area)
ii. Distance area (Power distribution system to cover the area)

12.2 Close area (Hall) PA system

  • Baffle distribution system
  • Modern equipment insulation for the quality PA systems   

12.3 Conference type PA systems

  • Communication PA system between the delegated and the   conference staff  (Interpreter systems)

12.4 Large area PA systems

  • Emergency addressing systems
  • Separate area information systems
  • Total building entertainment arrangements  

Course fee is                     Rs.35,000.00       
Payment    -   Cash     –    at SLBC reception counter
                                         Cheque should be written in favour of Director General
                                         Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation 

Contact No - 0714760364



Saaraprabha Gira



  1. Tender No. SP/TN/IMP/2016/01.
    Supply , installation & commissioning of Audio Equipment's in Production Studios . at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation . Non Refundable Tender document fee – Rs. 2,500.00 .

  2. Tender No. SP/TN/IMP/2016/02.
    Supply of Audio Equipment's in Continuity Studios at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation .

Non Refundable Tender document fee – Rs. 2,500.00 .

  • Sealed Tenders are hereby invited by the Chairman - Tender Board of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation from the Equipment's Manufactures only for supply of above Equipment's. Sealed Tender will be accepted till 10.30 A.M. 19-08-2016. And will be opened immediatley thereafter at the office of the , Chairman - Tender Board of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation . Colombo 07.

  • Tender documents with full technical specification will be issued by the Manager – Supplies & Imports from 25-07-2016 to 16-08-2016. Sealed tenders with 1% Bid – Bond addressed to Chairman - Tender Board of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation . Colombo 07. And marked top left hand coner of the Envelope as " SLBC Tender Ref. Nos description of the Item and should send by registered post or to be deposited in the tender box before 10.30 AM 19-08-2016.

Tender Board .
Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation .
Colombo 07.

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