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Philippines to phase out its beloved cheap but rickety 'jeepneys'

Jeepneys, the flamboyant passenger trucks of the Philippines are nearing the end of their reign, as the “Kings of the Road”. However, they’re not going down without a fight.
Government moves to overhaul outdated public transport, in order to make transport modes safe and environment friendly, will put the brakes on this mode of travel, that has long been the cheapest option of transport in the Philippines. However, operators and drivers of the 200,000 jeepneys that have plied the nation’s roads for decades, denounce moves to oust them as “anti-poor” and a "threat to their livelihoods".
Jeepneys have evolved from surplus army jeeps left behind by the US military after World War Two. They are brightly-painted vehicles festooned with religious slogans, horoscope signs or family names.