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Pakistan hospital bomb attack kills dozens in Quetta.


Peiris for weight lifting and Chamara Nuwan Dharmawardena for Judo will participate in Rio Olympics today. USA is in the lead of the medal table of Rio Olympics with 3 gold, 5 Silver and 4 bronze medals. China is in the 2nd place with 3 gold 2 Silver and 3 bronze medals. Australia is in the 3rd place with 3 gold and 3 Bronze medals.


Japan's Emperor hints at wish to abdicate.


Japan's Emperor Akihito has said he fears age and deteriorating health mean he is finding it difficult to continue in his role. The revered 82-year-old emperor's comments came in his second-ever televised address to the public.


Thailand to vote on new constitution.


Millions of people in Thailand are due to begin voting shortly in a referendum on a new constitution, written by a military-appointed committee. The military threw out the old constitution when it took power in 2014, after months of political instability and sporadic violence. It says that if approved,


Republican Donald Trump backtracks on 'video of Iran payment'.

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has backtracked on a claim that he saw video footage of a US cash payment to Iran.The White House announced in January it was making payments to Iran, a total of $1.7billion Dollars to settle a decades-old dispute over a failed military equipment deal, as part of the nuclear accord. (BBC)

Stranded Syrian refugees get first aid in weeks

The UN says it has for the first time in weeks delivered aid to thousands of Syrian refugees stranded on the border with Jordan. A group of relief agencies said they had completed delivery of a month's worth of food and hygiene supplies. More than 75,000 people had been without aid since June when Jordan sealed the border after a deadly attack there by so-called Islamic State. Conditions in the Rukban and Hadalat camps are said to be desperate. (BBC)

Nepal new Prime Minister issues a four-point directive to concerned ministries

The Newly appointed Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has issued a four-point directive to concerned ministries and government bodies.


Egypt 'kills head of Islamic State's Sinai branch'.

The Egyptian military says it has killed the head of the Sinai branch of so-called Islamic State, along with dozens of its fighters. It said Abu Duaa al-Ansari was killed in a series of air strikes on fighters of the Sinai Province - or Ansar Beit al-Maqdis - group. The air strikes targeted jihadist strongholds near the town of El-Arish. Sinai Province is Egypt's most active insurgent group and has been linked to deadly attacks in Sinai and Cairo.

Indian parliament backs key tax bill

India's parliament has passed the much-awaited Goods and Services Tax  bill.  The tax reform has been labelled a landmark and India's biggest tax reform since independence.

The changes aim to streamline India's fragmented tax system with a single levy. Indian businesses have been lobbying for the single tax rate as it would reduce costs, particularly for shipping goods across state borders.

Donald Trump hits back at 'disastrous' Obama.

Donald Trump has dismissed Barack Obama's time in the White House as a "disaster" after the US president said he was not fit to succeed him."He's been weak, he's been ineffective," Republican candidate Mr Trump said of Mr Obama in a Fox News interview on Tuesday.

Many missing after India bridge collapse.

At least 22 people are missing after a highway bridge connecting the city of Mumbai with the beach resort state of Goa in western India collapsed. Officials said two buses carrying passengers plunged into a flooded river after the collapse early today.

Police Officer Sanjay Patil told media that rescuers had not spotted any vehicles or survivors. Heavy rains are hindering rescue operations. Traffic has been diverted to a new bridge in the area. Chief of the state-run National Disaster Response Force, O.P. Singh said 80 rescuers, including divers, had been rushed to the area.

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