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US recognition of Jerusalem dubbed as a 'kiss of death' for Middle East peace process

An expected announcement by President Donald Trump that the US will become the first country to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital has been dubbed by the Palestinians as a "kiss of death" for the Middle East peace process. However, an Israeli minister urged other countries to follow the US lead.


Trump's Jerusalem calls spark warnings from Arab leaders

Arab leaders have warned US President Donald Trump that moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem could have dangerous repercussions. Mr Trump phoned several regional leaders on Tuesday to tell them he intended to move it from Tel Aviv. Saudi Arabia's King Salman told the US leader that any such move would provoke Muslims around the world. The calls came amid speculation that Mr Trump could recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital today.

Supreme Court lets restrictions recommended by Trimp to take full effect

The US Supreme Court has ruled President Donald Trump's travel ban on six mainly Muslim countries can go fully into effect.But the directive against travellers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen still faces legal challenges.


Rahul files nomination for Congress President post

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today filed his nomination papers for the party's chief post. The 47-year-old is likely to emerge as the lone candidate in the fray and decks have been cleared for his election as the Congress president. If elected he would succeed his mother Sonia Gandhi, who has held the post for 19 consecutive years. Present Congress president Sonia Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are among the proposers for the candidature of Rahul Gandhi for the party chief's post.

North Korea: Russia accuses US of goading Kim Jong-un

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the US of seeking to provoke North Korea into stepping up its nuclear missile programme. He rejected a call by the American envoy to the UN Security Council to sever ties with the North after its latest ballistic missile test. Russia argues sanctions do not work and advocates negotiations instead. The US has warned that North Korea's government will be "utterly destroyed" if war breaks out.

Victoria becomes the first Australian State to legalize Euthanasia

Victoria became the first Australian State to legalize “Assisted Dying”, popularly known as "Euthanasia". Lawmakers voted to allow terminally ill patients the right request a lethal drug to end their lives. The legislation which takes effect from June 2019, was passed in Victoria after 100 hours of fiery debate.


North Korea says new missile can re-enter atmosphere

North Korea has said the missile it tested overnight held a warhead capable of re-entering the earth's atmosphere. The claim was not proven and experts have cast doubt on the country's ability to master such technology. Kim Jong-un called the launch "impeccable" and a "breakthrough". It was the first test from Pyongyang in more than two months, after a flurry earlier this year.It has been condemned by the international community.US President Donald Trump spoke to China's President Xi Jinping by telephone, the White House said, urging him to "use all available levers to convince North Korea to end its provocations and return to the path of de-nuclearization".

The US says North Korea latest missile launch a global threat

North Korea has fired its highest-ever intercontinental ballistic missile and poses a worldwide threat, US Secretary of Defence James Mattis has said. Earlier the Pentagon said the missile had flown for about 1,000 kilometers before falling into the Sea of Japan. The launch, early on Wednesday,


Skeletons found on 'ghost ship' washed ashore in Japan

Japanese authorities are trying to identify eight people whose partially skeletonised remains were found on a wooden boat that washed up on a beach. The Japanese Coast Guard suspects that the boat and its occupants had come from North Korea. The discovery took place in the northern Akita prefecture. It comes days after a group of men claiming to be North Korean fishermen were washed onshore in the same area. Japan regularly sees North Korean fishing boats straying into its territory and its coastguard has occasionally had to rescue fishermen. Boats without crew or vessels with dead bodies on board, known as "ghost ships" are regularly washed ashore on Japan's western coast, which faces North Korea.

Einstein’s letter on relativity may fetch 30 000 US dollars at auction

A signed letter written by German scientist Albert Einstein to his closest friend Michele Besso, expressing joy at the success of his theory of relativity, may fetch up to 30,000 dollars at an auction. The letter is postmarked Berlin and dates December 10th, 1915. Rejoicing in the success of his theory Einstein wrote in the letter, “the boldest dreams have now been fulfilled.” Einstein had set out the key elements of the General Theory of Relativity in four magisterial papers submitted to the Prussian Academy of Sciences in November 1915.  Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is one of most important developments of 20th-century physics.

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