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Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 8pm

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Cricket bats to be thin

The MCC World Cricket Committee has responded to growing concerns about the size of bats by proposing new limits on their dimensions, in a bid to reduce the number of mis-hits off the edge or the toe of the bat flying over the boundary for sixes. The size of bats has been a constant matter of debate at MCC meetings.

In July 2014, the cricket committee had discussed the issue at length, debating the benefit of a greater number of boundaries for television viewers against the fairness of the balance between bat and ball. At that point, the members could not reach consensus, and the law was left as it was. Now, however, the committee believes that enough is enough, and has recommended a new limit of 40 millimeters for the edge of the bat, and 67 millimeters to the spine.

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