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The President says, “the media is able to direct a government on the correct path”

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa says, “the media is able to direct a government on the correct path”. He further states, the present government is creating a free environment for state media institutions as well.
The President expressed these views, at a gathering of newspaper editors, the directors of electronic media, and media personnel, held at the Presidential Secretariat.
The President further stated, when the state media disseminates government information only, the reporting becomes one sided; therefore, the responsibility of the state media should be to have a balance reporting.

The President also stated, the present government has granted many tax concessions; however, it has been observed, the public have still not enjoyed the advantage. This has resulted in certain companies earning a large profit. He points out, “even the price of a nail should come down”.

The President also stated, preparations will be made around the month of March, to go for a Parliamentary Election. He says, the intension is to obtain a two thirds majority. Commenting on the 19th amendment to the Constitution, the President said, it is difficult to run the government with the 19th amendment.

He also noted, the question on missing persons has become politicised, and it has resulted in delays in ensuring justice. He observes, certain political groups in the North are capitalising on the “missing persons issue”, to strengthen their vote base. He further stated, “national reconciliation” can be ensured when “national security” is strengthened.