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Last updateMon, 24 Jun 2019 2pm

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MP Lakshman Sevevirathna says the previous government was reluctant to recover the bond scam money.

MP Lakshman Sevevirathna says that the some people who argue the decisions of the President have forgotten the incidents in the past three and half years. Addressing a media briefing held in Colombo today he said many have forgotten the Central Bank bond scam. Even after some years after the issue, the government is still unable to recover the money stolen through this scam. Mr. Sevevirathna says that it can be done by adding one clause to the set of laws of the Bribery Commission.  It can be done by adding a clause to accept the evidence taken by the presidential commission appointed to investigate the bond scam. The president has given instructions to add it. MP Lakshman Sevevirathna alleges that the former leader of the house Lakshman Kiriella didn't present it in parliament. He said the government was unable to recover those stolen money due to Mr. Kiriella's actions.