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The Premier says, the Enterprise Sri Lanka programme will be a great support in restoring the capital of the Northern Province that was destroyed during the war

Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinge says, the Enterprise Sri Lanka programme launched by the government will be a great support in restoring the destroyed capital of the Northern Province during the war. The Premier was speaking at the inauguration of the Enterprise Sri Lanka Lending Counter at the Jaffna Branch of Bank of Ceylon, today.
He pointed out, with the victory on 8th January 2015 the people's lives in the North received stability. That stability has helped the people of the North to maintain considerable savings at Banks and Financial Institutions. The Premier pledged, under the 'Gamperaliya' Development Drive, villages in the North will be developed. Through the enhancement of the Tourism Industry, the people of the North will be able to enjoy economic dividends. He requested the people to join hands with this development drive to bring about economic prosperity.

Joining in the event Minister of Finance Mangala Samaraweera said, the Enterprise Sri Lanka programme is fundamental in removing barriers that were in the way of prospective entrepreneurs who had successful business plans. To this day, financial institutions were reluctant to grant loans to entrepreneurs without a guarantee. This was an obstacle that discouraged prospective entrepreneurs.

The Minister pointed out, under Enterprise Sri Lanka, entrepreneurs can proceed towards their targets without hesitation.

In addition, Enterprise Sri Lanka Lending Counters were declared open by the Prime Minister at the Jaffna Branches of People's Bank and the Rural Development Bank, today.

Speaking at a discussion held at the Jaffna District Secretariat, Minister Samaraweera said, the government will take steps to pay back loans upto 100,000 rupees and accumulated interest, of individuals in the North and North-Central Provinces, who are unable to settle their loans.

He added, the Government will impose interest rate limits on micro-finance lenders, in a bid to prevent predatory loan schemes targeting vulnerable and impoverished people, especially in the war-affected districts of the North and East.