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Last updateMon, 24 Jun 2019 2pm

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The cabinet has given approval to decrease the price of litre of kerosene oil upto 70 rupees

The Cabinet has given approval yesterday to reduce the price of kerosene to 70 rupees per litre.
During the recent revision of fuel prices, the price of kerosene was increased by 57 rupees up to 101 rupees per liter.

This decision has been taken as a relief measure for low income families and the fishing community.

State minister Dilip Wedaarachchi says that it has been revealed that some bus and lorry owners are using kerosene as a mode of fuel for their vehicles. That is totally against the national motor traffic Act. Such vehicles will be identified and their route permits will be cancelled.

Meanwhile the ministry of finance says the government has to spend a sum of 100 rupees to produce a litre of kerosene oil. The use of kerosene oil has increased unprecedentedly during the part period as kerosene oil is use for many other purposes by some unscrupulous industrialists.