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Last updateTue, 12 Feb 2019 11am

Local News

Co-convenor of the Puravesi Balaya Movement says the government must identify its mistakes and rectify them during the next two years.

Co-convenor of the Puravesi Balaya Movement, Gamini Viyangoda says the government must identify its mistakes and rectify them during the next two years. He points out that the 'political will' of the government has been low. The promises made to the people to eliminate mammoth fraud and corruption, to bring the wrongdoers to book and most importantly the formulation of a new constitution MUST be fulfilled. He added that though certain elements are calling for a general election, within a democratic framework, such a move is unnecessary.

Meanwhile, journalist K.W. Janaranjana, speaking to the SLBC's Subharathi discussion said the recently concluded local government polls is not an election to change the government. He points out that those who call for a general election make such demands for their personnel benefit. In the meantime he also added that the government should take serious note of the 'warning sign' the citizens have put forward by their vote.

He further stated that the country has progressed far ahead of what it was before 2015. However, the citizens need to feel the difference. He observed that the citizens are disappointed that the law has not been enforced when necessary. The benevolent actions of the government need to flow amongst its citizens.

Also joining in the discussion Director General of the Department of Government Information Attorney At Law Sudharshana Gunawardana said the government has a considerable time scale to accomplish intended restructuring that is of utmost necessity to the economy. However, he opined that in the process of delivering the country from the debt trap that the country was plunged into, it may sometimes be difficult to take decisions that earn popularity.