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Last updateWed, 02 Jan 2019 3pm

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The President says an uncorrupted political movement will be established in the country after the 10th of this month.

President Maithripala Sirisena says the programme to build up an uncorrupted political movement with the support of the general public will be initiated after the 10th of this month. Addressing an election propaganda rally in Maharagama yesterday the President said a new political party has been formed for the safety of corrupted politicians. The President said therefore, the people loyal to the country should get-together and eliminated the corrupted groups by voting for genuine and uncorrupted politicians at the upcoming polls. The President further said that he accepted the leadership of the SLFP as the former President handed over it to him following his defeat in the last presidential election.

However, it is pathetic that the former leader is attempting to get hold of the SLFP by misleading the members of the party. The President noted that corrupted politicians have built up a dirty alliance to evade them from the allegations on corruption. The President stressed that he will be committed to have lave political movement in the country eliminating all types of frauds, corruption and malpractices.