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The President requests all communities to join hands with him to build up a society sans religious or ethnic differences.

President Maithripala Sirisena says even though the war was ended militarily.  The responsibilities of the post war era have not been achieved. Therefore, the  national reconciliation is yet to be built up in the country.  Addressing several election propaganda rallies in Batticaloa area, the President said the present government is now committed to strengthen ethnic and religious reconciliation in the country.  A peaceful environment should be established in the country for all Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities to live in peace and harmony without fear and suspicious.  During the past regime, journalists and political opponents were killed and abducted in brought day light. Many journalists left the country seeking asylum for life.   Some extremist elements carried out violence against some ethnic and religious groups causing fear among minor communities.  However, the present government has initiated to create national reconciliation with the support of the international community. The war affected areas are now being subjected to rapid development.