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The General Secretary of the United National Party epitomizes the arduous task the present good governance regime has undertaken to bring to realization the aspirations of the Rainbow Revolution.

General secretary of the United National Party Kabeer Hassheem issuing a statement says that the present good governance regime has performed an arduous task to realize the citizen's aspirations that sphere headed the Rainbow Revolution that ushered in the present era. The 19th amendment to the constitution is significant among the many tasks executed. In a further strengthening  move of reaffirming democracy in the country, the first steps in formulating a new constitution were taken. The minister pointed out that when the first and second republican constitutions were formulated in 1972 and 1978, public opinion was not sought. The very first task the present government embarked upon in this endeavour, was to collate public views and ideas. Therefore, the mandate given to the good governance regime at the presidential election on the 8th of January 2015 and the 18th of August 2015, cannot be spurned. The minister emphasizes that the stakeholders of the government need to uphold the aspirations of the citizens who gave them this mandate, and should not leave room for the surreptitious motives of those who were defeated into political wilderness by the people's mandate, to surface.  He observed that those who snub the pro-people's agenda, will take frantic efforts to topple the present regime and plunge the country back into dictatorship.