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The President says the new presidential commission to investigate into the frauds and malpractices committed in Mihin Air and Sri Lankan Airlines will be appointed next week


President Maithripala Sirisena says that he will appoint the new presidential commission next week to investigate into the frauds and malpractices committed in Mihin Air and Sri Lankan Airlines. Then the people of the country will understand the reality of the so-called development conducted by the previous regime. The president made these remarks addressing a public rally held in Dambulla this evening. It was held to ensure the victory of the UPFA candidates who contest for the upcoming LG polls.
The President further said that he will win the challenge of eliminating corrupted politics from the country overcoming any type of difficulty. The former president had managed to pass the 18th amendment to the constitution in the parliament to stay in power for lifetime. The President said that he is the one who repealed the despotic constitution and brought the people friendly 19th amendment. The President further said that he is the only leader who handed over the excessive power of the executive to the parliament. Under the previous regime it was the president who had the power to appoint IGP, attorney general and Supreme Court judges. However, that system was changed and the power of appointing top posts of the government was vested with the constitutional council in parliament.

The President noted that he has taken a number of measures to strengthen democracy law and order in the country. President Sirisena stressed that he will create a set of councilors appointed from the SLFP to work in local government bodies according to their conscience. The President further said that the special economics center in Dambulla will be developed with proper management and will be made a center free of frauds and corruption.