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Last updateTue, 12 Feb 2019 11am

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The President says he is ready to turn the SLFP as a victorious Party.

President Maithripala Sirisena said he is ready to turn the SLFP as a victorious party. He stated this, participating in the party promotion programme held at the Galle Town Hall, this morning. He said the Sri Lanka Freedom Party has gained victories with the face of many challenges from history. He said he will fulfill the task for the victory of the SLFP at the forthcoming Local Government Polls under the symbol of "hand". The support of all progressive forces of the parties will be obtained for the victory of the SLFP at the future elections.

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party will perform its duties providing economic concessions to the poverty stricken people and to safeguard the democracy. He also said that a country will be developed to live all communities together with confidence defeating extremism in the North and the South. The President also reiterated that it is necessary to teach a lesson against the people who are involved in bribes, mal-practices and corruption.


He revealed the facts on 4 billion rupee financial probes conducted last regime by stating for the project of "Nilwalaa Ganga". The President also said he has requested the US President Donald Trump to support the government's future development programmes. He also presented membership cards for the new members.

The President conveyed his condolence over the death of the former leftist leader of Cuba Fidel Castro.