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Local News

The central bank issues a special 1000 rupee note to mark the 70th independence day.

A special note on  thousand rupee denomination will be issued by the central bank to commemorate the 70th independence day. The special note is to be presented to President Maithripala Sirisena by the governor Dr.Indrajith Kumaraswammy today.


Buddhist religious programes prior to the independence day celebrations begin today.

The religious programmes in line with the 70th independence day celebrations will begin today. Accordingly an all-night pirith chanting ceremony will be held at the independence square in Colombo.  The chanting of pirith will be live broadcast by Sinhala national service of the SLBC from 9.30 pm to 4.45 am tomorrow.  An alms giving will be offered to Maha Sangha tomorrow morning at the Sri Lanka Vidyalaya Piriven in Maradana.

Intellectuals say that the president has taken positive measures on bond scam.

Senior lecturer of the commerce faculty in the north western university Aminda Methseela Perera says,  the president has taken very  positive measures regarding the bonds scam.  Participating in a programme over the SLBC this morning he said, 


The Voters are able to make election complains through mobile phones.

People will have the opportunity  to forward complaints  regarding the breach of laws at the upcoming polls through  their mobile phones via SMS.  The SMS system was launched by the Chairman of the Election commission Mahinda Deshapriya at the Rajagiriya election office this morning. Accordingly the relevant complain should be typed and sent to 1919 by typing name of the relevant district.

The President earnestly requests the citizens of Sri Lanka to exercise their franchise at the forthcoming local government polls against bribery, corruption, nepotism and dictatorship.

President Maithripala Sirisena earnestly requests the citizens of Sri Lanka to exercise their franchise at the forthcoming local government polls against bribery and corruption & nepotism and dictatorship. He pointed out that to deliver the country the first and foremost need is to overcome this malignance. He expressed these views participating at a public rally held in Mahiyanganaya yesterday. He further stated that although those who are connected to many acts of fraud and corruption put on a hero's mask, the citizens of the country have recognised the culprits. He added that such nefarious actors will receive the reply they deserve when the citizens cast their vote at the forthcoming polls.

The premier promises an industrial zone for Ampara.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe says the country which experienced a minus economic growth in 2001 has now embarked on a development drive. The primary balance of payments has shown a positive trend after 66 years. Addressing an election rally held in Ampara yesterday to ensure the victory of the UNP, the premier said a number of industrial zones will be established centered around the Hambantota district. One such industrial zone will launched in Ampara. Agriculture in the Ampara district will be upgraded in order to increase the income of the farming community. The tourism industry will also be enhanced in the area. He pointed out that the government has been able to bring about political stability in the country.

Colombo High Court extends freeze on Perpetual group bank accounts.

The Colombo High Court has extended the freeze on bank accounts of Perpetual Treasuries and 24 related companies that were involved in the securities 'scam' involving rigged bond auctions and the dumping of pumped up securities on state managed funds. The High Court has extended an order originally issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Central Bank, by 30 days. Thus, future efforts of the Attorney General, to have the proceeds of crime confiscated and forfeited to the State, will not be frustrated, as the monies in the frozen accounts will remain intact. This decision will increase the confidence of the initiatives to bring the perpetrators before the law and recover the losses incurred to the state.

The President emphasizes that although many point accusatory fingers that the country is to be divided, he will never leave for such a division.

President Maithripala Sirisena emphasizes that although many point accusatory fingers that the country is to be divided, he will never leave room under his leadership, for such a division. He made this emphasis, addressing a public rally held in Sevanapitiya, in Polonnaruwa, today.


New office premises for Grama Niladaris

The government has taken steps to construct 14,000 office premises for Grama Sewakas. Under the first phase 1,000 officers will be constructed. The Ministry of Home Affairs says that in order to make efficient the services of Grama Niladaris laptop computers and office equipment will also be provided.

The President requests all communities to join hands with him to build up a society sans religious or ethnic differences.

President Maithripala Sirisena says even though the war was ended militarily.  The responsibilities of the post war era have not been achieved. Therefore, the  national reconciliation is yet to be built up in the country.  Addressing several election propaganda rallies in Batticaloa area, the President said the present government is now committed to strengthen ethnic and religious reconciliation in the country.  A peaceful environment should be established in the country for all Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities to live in peace and harmony without fear and suspicious.  During the past regime, journalists and political opponents were killed and abducted in brought day light. Many journalists left the country seeking asylum for life.   Some extremist elements carried out violence against some ethnic and religious groups causing fear among minor communities.  However, the present government has initiated to create national reconciliation with the support of the international community. The war affected areas are now being subjected to rapid development.