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The Prime Minister rejects the claims and allegations that the mega projects and infrastructure developed in Hambantota district during the previous regime were sold by the present government.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe rejected the claims and allegations that the mega projects and infrastructure developed in Hambantota district during the previous regime were sold by the present government.


Minister Rajitha Senarathne says the nation is ready to abolish the executive president system completely.

Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine Dr. Rajitha Senarathne says the nation is ready to abolish the executive president system completely. He made these remarks at a function held at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium yesterday.


Construction works pertaining national highways would be completed within 2020.

Minister of Lakshman Kiriella assures to complete construction works pertaining highways around the year 2020. Those include highways that are currently being built and planned highways, the minister added. He was speaking at media briefing held at Parliamentary Complex.


The government focuses its attention to use Mahaweli Economical zones in the production of renewable energy.

The government has focuses its attention on using Mahaweli Economic zones to produce renewable energy.

A proposal in this regard has been approved by the cabinet of ministers. Accordingly unusable lands belonged to Mahaweli Authority will be utilized. The relevant proposal was submitted by the president Maithripala Sirisena in his capacity of the Minister of Mahaweli Development and environment.


The President says the existing democracy under the present government should not be exploited to gain political mileage.

President Maithripala Sirisena says the existing democracy under the present  government should not be exploited to gain petty political mileage. It is an obstruction to the forward march of the government.  As a strong government this rule is fulfilling the aspirations of the public. Many changes in the government policies have been made to provide the people good governance.  A government cannot provide instant solutions to deep rooted problems as some opposition elements are proposing. The government is committed to provide justice to the public in its utmost through systematic plans.


The aim of the increase of fines of road rule violations is to enhance the safety of the public.

Minister Gayantha Karunathilleke says the objective of increasing the minimum fine of road rule violation is to save lives of passengers and the pedestrians.  At the cabinet press briefing the minister said 8 to 10 deaths are reported daily by road accidents.  


Parliamentarian Athureliya Ratghana Thera said the budget will lead to a revolution in the local food culture.

The budget debate is taking place  in parliament today as well. Joining the debate this evening, parliamentarian Venerable Athureliye Rathana Thera said some MPs are criticizing these budget proposals totally forgetting the ills committed by their during their regime.


Australia ready to support SL's tourism, trade & investment sectors

Australian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Bryce Hutchesson says an era of hope and opportunity has dawned for Sri Lanka. He points out there is much Australia and Sri Lanka can do together to realize the potential of both countries.

Next year marks the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The High Commissioner made these remarks while addressing an event held in Canberra recently titled ‘Sri Lanka Festival 2016’ to mark the occasion. Promoting Sri Lanka as a destination for tourism, trade and investment was carried out as well.

A peoples' budget has been presented - Min Dr. Rajitha

Minister Dr. Rajitha Senarathne says a peoples' budget that aims development of the country has been presented to the parliament. Taking part in the Subharathi discussion programme of the SLBC this morning the Minister stated the country's economic growth rate was 4.5 percent last year. The government aims to increase it up to seven percent as soon as possible.
The unemployment rate has dropped to four percent at present. Progress can be seen in financial, insurance and tourism sectors. The country's export revenue this year so far is 111 billion US dollars. The remittance received from migrant workers is 7.5 billion dollars. 
Speaking further the Minister added that the budget has focused attention on the health sector as well. Majority of funds have been allocated to eradicate kidney diseases and cancer. Kidney treatment units are to be establish in five hospitals. 

Budget 2017 is a victory of the country - Min Siyambalapitiya

The debate on the budget commenced for the 4th day in Parliament today. Parliamentarian Sivagnanam Srikaran who commenced the debate said justice should be served to all in order to create reconciliation in the country. 
Minister John Amarathunga who joined the debate defined the budget as one of the best budgets presented to the Parliament. He expressed belief that it would fulfill the expectations of the public. The government is committed to safeguard rights of all communities in a unitary state. The new constitution will reaffirm that commitment. He pointed out it is the responsibility of all to act with responsibility to prevent violence in northern and eastern provinces. 
Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya defined the budget which was prepared by the two main political parties is a victory of the country. It is a challenge to distribute limited resources of the country to cater unlimited requirements of the public. However, the Minister of Finance has undertaken that challenge. He has also focused attention on all the sectors. 
Parliamentarian Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa who joined the debate said the budget has fulfilled the requirements of the International Monetary Fund. Parliamentarian Mahinda Rajapaksa said the budget has not provide relief to the public. However, he commended the proposal to give tabs to the school children.