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Local News

The Food Security week will commence tomorrow.


The national food security week will commence tomorrow. The Ministry of Health says the week was declared with the view of minimizing non communicable diseases in the country. It added that food behaviors cause many non communicable diseases.

The President says he is ready to turn the SLFP as a victorious Party.

President Maithripala Sirisena said he is ready to turn the SLFP as a victorious party. He stated this, participating in the party promotion programme held at the Galle Town Hall, this morning. He said the Sri Lanka Freedom Party has gained victories with the face of many challenges from history. He said he will fulfill the task for the victory of the SLFP at the forthcoming Local Government Polls under the symbol of "hand". The support of all progressive forces of the parties will be obtained for the victory of the SLFP at the future elections.

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party will perform its duties providing economic concessions to the poverty stricken people and to safeguard the democracy. He also said that a country will be developed to live all communities together with confidence defeating extremism in the North and the South. The President also reiterated that it is necessary to teach a lesson against the people who are involved in bribes, mal-practices and corruption.


He revealed the facts on 4 billion rupee financial probes conducted last regime by stating for the project of "Nilwalaa Ganga". The President also said he has requested the US President Donald Trump to support the government's future development programmes. He also presented membership cards for the new members.


RTI to come into effect from 4th of February

The Right to Information Act will come into effect from 4th of February next year. It has been passed in the parliament already. According to the Act, the establishment code and functions of several public institutions including the National Archives will have to be amended.


A new programme to curb human-elephant conflict

The committee stage discussion on the budget commenced in the parliament for the 6th day today. Votes on accounts of the ministries of sustainable development and wild life as well as land and wildlife were taken up for discussion today.


O/L tuition classes, seminars banned from 30th of this month.

The conduct of tuition, seminars and workshops in relation to the G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination is banned from midnight on the 30th of this month. The Examinations Department emphasized that this law will be in place until the 17th of next month, the closing date of the examination. The G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination will commence on the 06th of next month.
The conduct of tuition classes, lectures and seminars, the distribution of model question papers, leaflets, posters and banners is totally banned from midnight on the 30th of this month.
The Examinations Department has requested to make any complaints on those who breach this regulation to the nearest Police Station, the Police Headquarters or to the Examinations Department.

Decision about Avant Garde vessel to be made today.

The Order as to whether the Avant Guard vessel anchored in the Galle port as a case object should be released or auctioned is scheduled to be given today. When the case came up on the 9th of this month, Galle Chief Magistrate Nilupuli Lankapura postponed the decision to be released today. 
Responding to the state counsel’s submission, the lawyers for the respondent firm had said that it is excessive to pay the large amount quoted by the state counsel.
Lawyers for the respondent company said the ship was 30 years time worn and since that date, they would boot out of the responsibility of maintenance of the ship and in the event of any damage caused to the ship effecting environmental destruction to the sea, the government was responsible as the ship was under the custody of the state.

Sale of tobacco products 500 meters within school limits is banned.

Minister Rajitha Senarathne is mulling over proposing a ban on the sale of tobacco products 500 metres within school environs. He was addressing a workshop held in Battaramulla yesterday. The workshop was organized to educate the people on minimizing the use of tobacco.

The Minister on this occasion signed a memorandum to be directed to the President proposing a ban on the products such as babul, Hans, tobacco and areca. Further addressing the workshop, the Minister said that there is already a ban on the sale of liquor in areas affiliated to schools.

The Minister said that similarly a need has arisen to ban the sale of tobacco products in school environs. It has been found that many cancer patients had been using areca and lime. As such he pointed that they intend to take initiatives against areca and lime.

The Premier pays more attention on Asian markets.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe says Sri Lanka needs to grab the Asian markets before making attempts to patch other international markets.


Energy Efficiency Awarded.

The “Vidulka” Energy Exhibition and Symposium and the Energy Efficiency Awards ceremony,


Rs.35 billion allocated for fertilizer subsidy

Today is the 5th day of the committee stage discussion of the budget.