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Last updateTue, 17 Dec 2019 9am

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A price control to take effect for Cancer Drugs, within the next few days


A price control is to take effect for Cancer drugs within the next few days. Minister of Health Dr. Rajitha Senarathna says, a price control will also be enforced on certain charges at private hospitals. Speaking to the Subharathi Discussion Programme aired over the SLBC he said, although the ceiling for cancer treatment per patient was 1.5 million rupees, now that limitation has been removed. He pointed out, cancer related deaths were mainly not due to the disease, but due to the unaffordability of drugs.

Also joining in the discussion, Director of the Apeksha Hospital: Dr Wilfred Kumarasiri said, although it was needed to bring many documents when cancer patients needed to obtain vaccines, now such requirements have been relaxed. He pointed out, now treatment is provided without any financial restrictions. He added, 1.6 billion rupees was spent for vaccines during the past few years. Last year the cost was 2.5 billion rupees

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