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Last updateTue, 12 Feb 2019 11am

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Areas surrounding the Beira Lake in Colombo will be developed as a commercial zone

The areas surrounding the Beira Lake in Colombo will be developed  as a commercial zone.  The plans drawn for this project were unveiled by minister Patalie Champika Ranawaka this morning.  The project has been titled “Ran Masu Pura”. Speaking at the occasion the minister said, the development of lands in the surrounding areas, will commence next year. A circular garden will be constructed along the perimeter of the lake as a recreation park for the public. Dwellers along the lake at Vauxhall Street will be evicted before the end of this year. He pointed out that the dwellers have displayed a progressive attitude in leaving their homes voluntarily. The government has allocated a sum of 1.13 billion rupees for their resettlement. He added that, the times where all junk was dumped in the Beira will now come to an end.

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