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More free Wi-Fi zones in major cities

The government has taken steps to create 100 Wi-Fi zones in the Colombo city as a first step of the island wide program of providing free Wi-Fi. According to the Policy Development Office, by now the Colombo Municipal Council has initiated to setting up 20 Wi-Fi zones within the city and more than 10 Wi-Fi zones are already running. It includes a facility for the public to charge their mobile phones while they are on the street. As the second move, steps are being taken to identify the remaining 80 locations within the city of Colombo. This project is planned to be implemented in Matara, Galle, Kandy and other cities in the near future.

Many effective measures have been taken to bring down the cost of living of the general public.


Minister Rishad Bathiudeen said many effective measures have been taken to bring down the cost of living of the general public. These decisions were taken during a meeting held last week with the participation of the members of cost of living committee.


The programme to distribute coconuts under the concessionary price has been launched.

The programme to distribute coconuts islandwide commenced today, at the head office of the Coconut Cultivation Board, in Battaramulle. Mobile lorries were dispatched to urban areas to distribute the nuts. A coconut can be purchased from these mobile lorries for 65 rupees. This programme will be implemented across all provinces within the next two weeks. These Coconuts can also be purchased from SATHOSA outlets from tomorrow onwards.

The Coconut Plantation Board takes steps to sell a coconut at 65 rupees.

The Coconut Plantation Board has taken steps to sell a coconut at 65 rupees. The public can purchase coconuts under the new price directly from the Coconut Plantation Board. Chairman of the Board Kapila Yakandawala says that one million nuts will be released to the market next Monday.


The maximum retail price of a coconut is to be maintained at 70 rupee

The government has taken steps to maintain the maximum retail price of a coconut at 70 rupees. Chairman of the Coconut Cultivation Board Kapila Yakandaawala says that a decision has been made, to make available in the retail market, 1 million nuts harvested in government owned coconut estates. He further stated that there is an unreasonable gap between the wholesale and retail price of coconuts. This price hike is not realistic. This topic was taken up for discussion at the cabinet meeting when the minister of plantations submitted a report pertaining to this issue to the cabinet.

A special discussion to be held to negotiate the price hike of coconuts.

The Coconut Cultivation Board focuses its attention on the recent price hike of Coconuts. Chairman of the Board Kapila Yakandawala states that a special discussion will be held tomorrow to determine the future measures that need to be taken to control prices. He further states that the present market price of coconut is unreasonable since the coconut plantation industry and affiliated industries do not benefit from these high prices. It is only the middlemen who reap the benefits. As of yesterday, the wholesale price of a nut was 49 rupees while the retail price was 75 rupees. This price gap is totally unjustifiable. He further stated that he has deployed his officials to identify businessmen who sell coconuts at exorbitant prices.

The whole sale prices of potatoes and big onions decline.

The media spokesman of essential commodities importers and traders Hemaka Fernando says, in relevant to previous week the whole sale prices of Big onions and potatoes have declined. The price of a kilo of imported potatoes has been recorded as 85 rupees ,while local potatoes recorded 95 rupees per kilo. The local big onions are sold at 60 to 75 rupees per kilo in whole sale market. Meantime deputy agriculture director in Matale Kusum Senevirathne, said that the bad weather has affected the cultivation of local big onions. She is expected to provide a report on the subject to the agricultural ministry. The expected harvest of big onions in Matale is 23,000 metric tons , but this expectation cannot be met upon, She said.

The Colombo International Book Exhibition will be declared open today.

Colombo International Book Fair 2017 will be held from today, to next Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm at the BMICH. Organizers of this popular book exhibition, Sri Lanka Book Publishers Association said that there will be around 300 to 400 local and foreign book stalls established this time. The books of different varieties will be showcased in these stalls.


The world’s largest book fair

The world’s largest book fair, “Big Bad Wolf”, will be open for book lovers, at the Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre, from the 5th to the 15th of October.


Volkswagen plans electric option for all models by 2030

Volkswagen, the world's biggest carmaker, will offer an electric version of all its 300 models by 2030, becoming the latest manufacturer to move away from petrol and diesel. Volkswagen will double investment in zero-emission vehicles to 20bn euros as it seeks to put the diesel emissions scandal behind it. The German firm plans to offer 80 new electric cars across the group by 2025.

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