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Representatives of the 28 leading Japanese companies are engaged in a tour to seek investment opportunities in Sri Lanka.

Representatives of the 28 leading Japanese companies are engaged in a tour to seek investment opportunities in Sri Lanka. The representatives directly discussed with the Sri Lanka Board of Investment. The discussions were held under the patronage of chief executive officer of the Board Renuka Weerakoon. The committee chairman of the Japan-Sri Lanka Business Cooperation Tadayaki Seki says they have received a better understanding on this venture.

A special VAT is introduced to alcohol and tobacco products.

The government decides to introduce a special VAT tax procedure on Alcohol and tobacco products.


Two giant Japanese companies are ready to invest in Sri Lanka.

 President Maithripala Sirisena met the Chairman and CEO of the Japan External Trade Organization Hiroyuki Ishige in line with the G-7 heads of statess summit yesterday.

They held a cordial discussion on ways to promote trade and investments between the two countries.  The Chairman of JETRO expressing his views regarding the Japanese products  said that the concept of ‘Japana Hapana‘ has created a such a positive impression for Japanese products and investments in Sri Lanka. Mr. Ishige further said that he is very keen to promote more investments in all series of areas especially in oil and gas industry, coconut industry including other plantation industries. Mr. Ishige positive responded to a request made by President Sirisena to obtain support for Oluwil and Galle Harbour expansion projects. They have also agreed to provide 20 boats to use in natural disasters and emergency situations in marine activities.

Sri Lanka tourism marks 50 years.


Sri Lanka tourism marks 50 years. Earlier referred to as the Ceylon Tourist Board, was the official government body responsible for all tourism related activities and development within the country.  


3 biggest mistakes business travelers make

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