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Debate on the budget commences

The debate on the budget commenced in the parliament this morning. Parliamentarian M.A Sumanthiran was the first speaker to address the parliament. He pointed out the government expenditure has declined in year 2017 in comparison to year 2016. The capital expenditure has been reduced as well. The MP stated it is not a favourable situation for the country. Furthermore, the budget has not taken successful measures to uplift the local and the rural economy. The parliamentarian was of the view that the measures mentioned in the budget to develop the agri sector are inadequate. Attention should also be focused to develop small and medium scale industries.

Minister Kabir Hashim who joined the debate defined the budget as a peoples' victory. It is a development centered budget. The present government has been able to redirect the country's economy in a correct path which was damaged under the previous regime. Furthermore, a new economic policy has been implemented at present which caters the requirements of the public. The decision to introduce an insurance scheme that covers 4.5 million school children of the country should be commended. It is the first occasion such an initiative has been introduced. Measures have also been taken to develop agriculture. The minister also pointed out the measures followed by the present government regarding fertilizer subsidy have resulted an increase the lands used for paddy cultivation.

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