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The foreign aid received by the country is being successfully utilized in development activities.

The Ministry of Finance says the foreign aid received by the country is being successfully utilized for the development work of the country.  Foreign aid worth 312 million US dollars were used for the development activities during the first four months of this year.


Authority to take disciplinary action in the SLFP has been vested upon the General Secretary of the party.

State Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena says the authority to take disciplinary action in the SLFP has been vested upon the general secretary of the party through the central committee meeting. 


The Health ministry says new 2,500 oral cancer patients have been identified annually.

The Ministry of Health says according to a new cancer data research 2,500 cancer patients are being identified annually.  Accordingly six new oral cancer patients per day are being recognized.  It has been revealed that 1,888 male and 534 female cancer patients are among the those detected .


A national electricity plan has been prepared.

A national electricity plan has been prepared. A national electricity plan has been prepared.  Parliamentarian Ashu Marasinghe says obtaining proposals and public views in this regard have commenced.


A hat-trick by Rangana Herath at the test match against Australia.

A hat-trick by Rangana Herath at the test match against Australia. Sri Lanka cricket team scored 31 runs for three wickets for the second innings of the second test match against Australia when the match halted for lunch in Galle.


Central Bank releases summary trading statistics on Government Securities


As a further policy measure to develop the government securities market, the Central Bank from
today has commenced releasing summary trading statistics on actual trading of government
securities in the secondary market. From August 1, 2016, all primary dealers have been required to
undertake inter-primary dealer trades in the trading platform arranged by the Central Bank through
the Bloomberg which is a major international financial trading and information electronic platform.
Further, all primary dealers will report all outright sales of government securities of value in excess
of Rs. 50 mn to investors to this platform within 30 minutes of each transaction.


Nepal new Prime Minister issues a four-point directive to concerned ministries

The Newly appointed Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has issued a four-point directive to concerned ministries and government bodies.


Olympic Games gets underway tonight in Rio, Brazil.

The Olympic Games gets underway tonight with a spectacular opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in Rio, Brazil. About 11,000 sportsmen and women from 206 countries will take part in this festival. The opening ceremony will be held at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Nine sportsmen and women from Sri Lanka will take part in this ceremony.

Carrying Sri Lanka’s lion flag at the opening ceremony will be veteran marathon runner Anuradha Indrajith Cooray. The long distance runner will be competing in his third Olympic Games, having done so in Athens 2004 and London 2012 Games.

Egypt 'kills head of Islamic State's Sinai branch'.

The Egyptian military says it has killed the head of the Sinai branch of so-called Islamic State, along with dozens of its fighters. It said Abu Duaa al-Ansari was killed in a series of air strikes on fighters of the Sinai Province - or Ansar Beit al-Maqdis - group. The air strikes targeted jihadist strongholds near the town of El-Arish. Sinai Province is Egypt's most active insurgent group and has been linked to deadly attacks in Sinai and Cairo.

Indian parliament backs key tax bill

India's parliament has passed the much-awaited Goods and Services Tax  bill.  The tax reform has been labelled a landmark and India's biggest tax reform since independence.

The changes aim to streamline India's fragmented tax system with a single levy. Indian businesses have been lobbying for the single tax rate as it would reduce costs, particularly for shipping goods across state borders.

The Olympic torch arrives in Rio de Janeiro

The Olympic torch has arrived in Rio de Janeiro by boat after a three-month tour of Brazilian cities.
The mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, carried the torch on its first few laps through the city centre.

The torch arrived in Rio by boat accompanied by Brazilian Olympic gold medallist yachtsmen, Lars Grael (L)
In order to prevent traffic chaos during the Olympic torch relay, Rio's Mayor Eduardo Paes announced Thursday will be a holiday.

One dead and several injured in London kniife attack.

A woman has died and five others were injured in a knife attack in Russell Square, central London. Police and ambulance crews were called around 10.30 pm yesterday local time, to reports of a man in possession of a knife and injuring people. Up to six injured people were found at the scene; one woman was pronounced dead a short time later. The man was arrested after a taser was discharged by one of the arresting officers. The Metropolitan Police say Terrorism is one possible motive being explored. (BBC)

Australia awaits another trial by spin in the 2nd test against SL.

The 2nd Test between Sri Lanka and Australia will begin at Galle today. Australia enters the match 1-nil down in the three-match series and a losing campaign would likely result in them slipping from number one on the rankings. They could even fall as far as third. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka will be keen to continue its winning streak with its new heroes


Sri Lanka holds an international conference on Asian Food Production.

Sri Lanka holds an international conference on food production in the next decade in Asia.

Around 60 delegates of 12 countries attend the conference. The gathering, which commenced yesterday at Negambo, continues until Friday.

Additional secretary of the ministry of agriculture Dr. Suba Heenkenda told that Sri Lanka has been chosen to host the conference for its popularity in growing vegetables, fruits and paddy.


A national policy to control alcohol.

The national policy on alcohol control will be unveiled tomorrow. It will be officially declared at the 2016 national alcohol conference scheduled to commence in Colombo tomorrow. The national policy includes measures to prevent all forms of activities that promote liquor production and to safeguard all people from alcohol at the residences and places of work.


Interviews to admit grade one students to national schools will commence tomorrow.

Director of School activities of the ministry of education W.K.M. Wijetunga says relevant interviews to admit Grade one students to national schools for next year will commence tomorrow. Relevant interview boards will be appointed by the principals and should obtain approval from the education ministry for it.


Donald Trump hits back at 'disastrous' Obama.

Donald Trump has dismissed Barack Obama's time in the White House as a "disaster" after the US president said he was not fit to succeed him."He's been weak, he's been ineffective," Republican candidate Mr Trump said of Mr Obama in a Fox News interview on Tuesday.

World famous children's nutrition supplement PediaSure introduced to the SL markets.

The sole agent for Abbott Nutrition for Sri Lanka, the CIC Holdings has announced the introduction of PediaSure,
a world renowned children's nutrition supplement to the Sri Lankan markets.

It has been introduced in a new packaging line, at a special price. Launched under the theme "Designed For Value", PediaSure new packing line offers consumers value for money in one kilo and 400 grams cartons. It provides complete, balanced nutrition for children from ages 1 to 10, the years that are most crucial to a child's growth and mind development.

Many missing after India bridge collapse.

At least 22 people are missing after a highway bridge connecting the city of Mumbai with the beach resort state of Goa in western India collapsed. Officials said two buses carrying passengers plunged into a flooded river after the collapse early today.

Police Officer Sanjay Patil told media that rescuers had not spotted any vehicles or survivors. Heavy rains are hindering rescue operations. Traffic has been diverted to a new bridge in the area. Chief of the state-run National Disaster Response Force, O.P. Singh said 80 rescuers, including divers, had been rushed to the area.

Discussions underway to locate ICC headquarters in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka Cricket Institute has initiated discussions to locate the headquarters of the International Cricket Council in Sri Lanka. Currently it is situated at Dubai. However, since tax concessions are not granted in Dubai from year 2019, the International Cricket Council is planning to establish its headquarters in another country.

Meanwhile, the headquarters of the Asian Cricket Council which was located in Malaysia is now established in  Sri Lanka. The first meeting of the council will be held at the premises of the Asian Cricket Council which is situated at Sri Lanka Cricket Headquarters.

Obama says Trump unfit to be president

President Barack Obama has said Republican nominee Donald Trump is unfit to be president, and questioned why his party still supports the New York billionaire's candidacy.Mr Trump has been sharply criticised for attacking the parents of a fallen US soldier who spoke out against him.

He has also been condemned for backing the Russian annexation of Crimea.Mr Obama said he had had policy differences with previous Republican presidents and candidates - but added that he had never thought they could not function as president. (BBC)

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