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About Muslim Service

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation - Muslim Service

Tamil National Service Broadcasting Frequencies : 102.01 MHz, 102.03 MHz


Air Time:

Morning Programmes - From 08.00 am to 10.30 am (Fully Commercialized)

Evening Programmes - From 20.00 Hrs. to 21.00 Hrs.


In the Holy Month of Ramazan:

Special Morning Programme Broadcast from 02.30 am to 05.00 am

Special Evening Programme for Ifthar – Breaking of the Fast

Commences 15 minutes before time for Breaking of the Fast and 15 minutes after Breaking of the Fast


A Brief History of Muslim Service

Muslim programmes have been broadcast ever since the time period of the inception of SLBC from the 27 th of June 1924 Muslim Programmes, however, were not conducted with separate time schedules. They were restricted to Programmes related to special events and celebrations of Muslims. They were broadcast on these special days in the Sinhala, Tamil as well as the English services.

In the year 1955 the Royal Commission of Broadcasting – titled the Weerasuriya Commission proposed an increased in broadcasting time in respect of Muslim Programmes and also to make it function as a separate Service.

The Muslim Service, therefore, is nearly 60 years old whereas The Muslim Programmes broadcast are over a period of 90 years in Sri Lanka.

Though a separate frequency was not allocated for the Muslim service, time allocations were made to broadcast Muslim Service programmes through the Tamil National Service.

National leaders like Sir. Razik Fareed, Dr. Badiudeen Mahmood, Dr. T.B. Jaya, Former Minister of Broadcasting Mr. A.L. Abdul Majeed and famous Community Service Organizations like Moors Islamic Cultural Home (M.I.C.H) are some of the many have strived to achieve this.

The support of our leaders like Hon. Dudley Senanayake, Hon. S.W.R.D. Banadaranayake, Hon. J.R. Jayawardane made it a reality.

The first Officer in charge with respect to Muslim programmes was Dr. M.M. Uwais and later on by Mr. Kamil Maraikkar.

After the establishment of the Muslim Service, the late Mr. V.A. Gafoor was appointed as the First Controller and the Director of this Service.

Subsequently Messrs. M.H. Kuddoos, Moulavi Z.L.M. Mohamed, Fowzul Hasan and Ahamed Munawwar respectively, held this position and currently Hafiz S.M. Haniffa holds this prestigious Position of the Muslim Service.