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Last updateTue, 17 Dec 2019 9am

Director General's Message

The advent of “new media” and the internet in particular, has posed a challenge to traditional media. Their effect is felt on the circulation of information and current affairs.

The old method of storytelling no longer appeals to the modern-day. Younger generation favors mobile devices and entertaining ways of storytelling, forcing the traditional media to focus on perception and participative reporting. Information technology devices allow readers to access information without the limits of time and space, further decreasing the attractiveness of the traditional media.
The traditional media have no choice but to change and gradually shift to new media in order to survive, and avoid becoming history.

Therefore, we have to drastically change the way we approach information and current affairs, which basically implies the traditional media need to change the way of telling a story.

And that is the reason, we, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, meeting you with our new and improved from today, because in the age of information explosion, it's you who decide next step in the evolution of mass media.