The history of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation dates back to year 1925, when its first pre-cursor, “Colombo Radio”, was launched on 16th December 1925 using a Medium Wave radio transmitter of one kilowatt of output power from Welikada, Colombo. Commenced just 03 years after the launch of BBC, Colombo radio was the first ever radio station in Asia.

This new medium of mass communication not only became increasingly popular in the years that followed, but also quickly evolved into a medium of national character, which led to the “Radio Service” being organized as a separate department of the government of Ceylon (as country was then called) by the ‘call sign’ ‘Radio Ceylon’ in 1949. Subsequently in 1967, the Department of Broadcasting was transformed into its present statutory form of a state corporation by the Ceylon broadcasting corporation Act. No 37 of 1966 of the parliament of Ceylon, thereby assuring increased autonomy and flexibility in the operations of the new organization.

The organization acquired its present name, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, with the transition of the state into the status of “Republic of Sri Lanka” on 22nd May 1972. SLBC has since continued in the same legal status as a state corporation, and is currently listed under the scope of the ministry of Information and Media of the Government of Sri Lanka.


Fulfilling the pioneering Public Service Broadcasting obligations in the Sri Lankan media field.


Carrying out radio broadcasting in such a manner as to improve the quality of life of the listeners by way of developing their skills, knowledge and attitudes relating to various fields such as economic, social, cultural, ethical, educational and entertainment.

  • Continuing to function as the broadcaster maintaining the highest listenership for Sinhala, Tamil and English radio channels.
  • Continuing to function as the premier broadcaster that provides reliable, balanced, information promptly in attractive formats.
  • Producing and presenting high quality, creative programmes for the advancement of indigenous culture.
  • Providing essential training to develop a self motivated workforce with ample skills, knowledge and attitudes.
  • Updating our production and transmission technology appropriately to provide a clear, strong broadcast output to local and overseas listeners.
  • Functioning as the pioneering institution to foster a meaningful broadcast media culture conforming to a Code of Ethics.
  • Contributing creatively as the national radio network to inform the public about the implementation of State policies and development programmes.
  • Maintaining optimum financial management as well as human resource management.
  • Winning the competitive market strategically.
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